Castello di Razzano - Produzione di olio e aceto

Extra virgin olive oil The cultivation of olive trees and the production of oil stems from the passion of the Olearo family. In the first half of the 1990s, they planted olive trees near the “Conca degli Ulivi” of Cardona on 5 hectares of land favourably exposed to the sun and protected from cold currents. Production began in 2008. The harvest is done by hand (manual shaking down) while the cold pressing occurs in an olive mill in Liguria. The final product is a raw unfiltered oil with a very low grade of acidity and peroxides; it can be tasted at the Winery together with the wines. Vinegar of Barbera d’Asti To obtain a high quality product an excellent wine is used, Barbera d’Asti. Production occurs in a small vinegar factory at Tenuta Campasso where the vinegar is aged at length in French oak barriques.

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