Cherries reign supreme in Massimo Pisacco's orchard. They are present in the varieties of Bella di Garbagna, typical of Val Grue, sweet and fleshy, the Grisona from Alessandria and the Pistoiese (short stem and large fruit), to be enjoyed fresh but perfect for many preparations (Riccardo Franzosi of Montegioco also uses them in the production of his Garbagnina beer). At Pisacco, they are the base for the excellent cherry compote, for a low alcohol content liqueur called Spirito di Bella di Garbagna, and for the Virtù, sweet and sour cherries to accompany roasts and salads. The offer then ranges from apricots that are transformed into Albi, a spreadable jam, into Cocche, apricots in syrup whole and with kernel, and into Succoso, fragrant nectar; with chestnuts comes the delicious cream called Emozione.

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