Infernot Cantina Buzio

In 2014, the wine-producing landscapes of “Langhe Roero and Monferrato” were declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vignale is located directly in the area of “Monferrato of the Infernots”. The Infernot is a small underground room dug directly in the rock, usually accessed from the cellar. The temperature and constant humidity of these small rooms, the absence of light, ventilation and noise guaranteed ideal conditions to preserve the bottles of the best wine. Unique in their genre, Infernots are small architectural gems that witness the ancient knowledge of the farmers; they are present only in Monferrato. They were built between the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th century by the local inhabitants who dug into the bare rock with pickaxes and chisels according to their taste. No two Infernots are the same: circular, square or rectangular, multi-chamber or with a corridor. The bottles are placed on continuous surfaces, steps or alcoves; the finishes of the walls can be more or less smooth or naturally split. Many have a table at the centre hollowed out in the rock, friezes or embellishments. They are made in Pietra da Cantoni, a sandstone typical of this area.

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