Castello di Pozzolo Formigaro

Pozzolo Formigaro was under imperial rule and the castle dates back to the 11th century although very little remains of the original structure, the current building having many features of the second half of the 15th century and the early part of the following century. The layout is typical of the type of castle prevalent in the Lombardy-Milan district.
The castle has a strategic position at a crossroads that was important even in Roman times and was a place that witnessed many violent encounters.
It underwent heavy reconstruction work from the mid-1400s onwards becoming a bulwark for the Dukes of Milan against the expansionist plans of Genoa and of these works very little remains whilst those that did survive have been heavily altered or damaged thus making it difficult to picture the extensive work undertaken at that time.
The best example that is still extant is the part of the entranceway which retains its robust, solid aspect and to which other buildings were added.
The building is entirely in brick and the tower has a jutting aspect with an slightly arched entrance which was protected by a drawbridge and the original holes in the walls where the chains ran when raising and lowering the bridge can still be seen. The moat was filled in some time ago and no traces remain as indeed with the other buildings; the restored and completely renovated castle is now home to the local council.

Openings 2022: 10 April (Palm Sunday, on the same day as the village feast day), May: Sunday, June: 5 and 12. Time: 15.00-18.30. Free guided tour. Booking is recommended.
The Castle is part of the Castelli Aperti event.

Information and contacts

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