Tradition, attention and care for details combined with a love for chocolate have transformed a small workshop into a quality confectionery company. The company, thanks to its innovative skills, has succeeded in reconciling the ancient and valuable recipes of the past with new ideas to offer the market countless solutions of high quality products. In the company’s store, which will move to Novi Ligure in Strada Turchino (zona Campari) from May 2014, you will find: tasting boxes with filled chocolates, bars made with cocoa selected from Venezuela and from Ecuador, the new giandujotti in the classic version or in the bitter version without milk and, of course, the Boero, which remains the flagship of production, for which exclusively selected ingredients are used such as cherries from Vignola and Garbagna soaked for a long period of time in the grappa of local grape varieties.

Information and contacts

via San Cristoforo, 15 - 15060 Capriata d'Orba (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0143) 468.902