Always devoted to traditional crops such as wheat, corn and beet, the first breakthrough was made in 2000 with the total conversion to organic farming and then, 8 years ago, with the idea of creating the rice paddies in the countryside of Masio, right along the River Tanaro. Thus, the harvesting of Selenio round rice began, intended for a mill in Germany. Since 2012, Rosella’s husband, Alessandro Cacciabue, has been cultivating Carnaroli rice with good results and today it is possible to purchase this rice directly in the farmhouse. The rice is called "Isolotto" the area in which the farm is located and can be purchased in our boutique of the flavour of the heart, da U Re in Abazia di Masio.

Information and contacts

via S. Rocco, 15 - 15024 Masio (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0131) 799.197