TUTTINGIOCO! Day of free play outdoors


TUTTINGIOCO! Day of free play outdoors


The 2nd Regional Day of Free Play Outdoors will be held on Saturday 27 May 2023, from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm.
The City of Alessandria has welcomed the invitation of the Piedmont Regional Authority: a way to underline the importance of play as an opportunity for personal and relational growth, and the value of outdoor activity.
The premises of the Play Centres ("C'è sole e luna" Municipal recreation centre and “Il Bianconiglio” Play Centre of A.S.M. Costruire Insieme) have been involved, alongside the Co-op Semi di Senape of Alessandria which works locally in the educational and Outdoor Education sector.

On this occasion, the offer doubles and divides itself between the centre and outskirts of the city.
Via Verona, in front of the entrance to the Recreation Centre becomes "Una via in gioco", ready to host games of movement and teamwork for children from age 5 to 11 and the construction of a village for younger children, accompanied by adults.
In the courtyards of "I Girasoli" Municipal Kindergarten (entrance on Via dei Caduti, 20) and Il Bianconiglio Play Centre (entrance on Via Gambalera, 74) of Spinetta Marengo, children from age 0 to 4 and from age 5 to 11 will find plenty of offers for play, entertainment and creative workshops.

Participation in Tuttingioco is open to all and free of charge.

Information and contacts
via Verona e Spinetta Marengo - Alessandria
Telephone: +39 0131 515.776