Comune Bergamasco

Bergamasco is a typical country village, bordering with the province of Asti, with a strong farming vocation, today famous for the Regional Truffle Fair held every October.

The first mention of the village of Bergamasco is in 1014 and it is shown in MONUMENTA GERMANIAE HISTORICA, even if the area was inhabited since Roman times, as witnessed by the "Sarcophagus of Calventius" (II century A.D.), found on a farming estate and currently on display in the town hall.
In the Late Middle Ages, Bergamasco belonged to the Marquisate of Incisa and represented its important stronghold. With the end of the Marquisate of Incisa in 1514 it came under the rule of the Paloeloghi sharing their fate, including the passage to the Gonzaga-Nevers of Mantua. From 1708, it became part of the Savoy Kingdom.
The most significant monument of Bergamasco is its castle, originally a defensive site, which was transformed by Marquis Moscheni in 1662 into a residential manor, softening its appearance with the addition of a small hanging garden. It currently belongs to the family of Carlo Leva, owner of the art department at Titanus in the early 1960s, who has collected a series of keepsakes of the golden age of cinema (including sketches of the films by Sergio Leone). It is currently being refurbished and closed to visitors.

Information and contacts

via Roma - 15022 Bergamasco (AL)
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