Comune Alessandria

The city of Alessandria was founded in 1168, by the union of several towns: the area was important strategically and commercially, at the crossroads between Piedmont and France, towards Liguria and Lombardy. The medieval plan is still evident in the historic centre, in particular in neighbourhoods like Borgo Rovereto, which is home to the oldest church of the city, Santa Maria di Castello (12th century...on a previous building of the 8th century). In piazza Libertà, it is possible to admire several of the most significant buildings: the current town hall and the former one, Palatium Vetus, the 18th century Palazzo Ghilini and the Post and Telegraph building that features the mosaic by Severini. The square originally hosted the Cathedral which dates back to medieval times, while the current one has majestic 19th century shapes and a 106-metre tall bell tower that soars in the city skyline. Proceeding along via Parma, you can visit the 18th century Palazzo Cuttica, seat of the prestigious Conservatory and of the exhibition rooms with the manuscripts decorated by Pope Pius V. The Art rooms are located in the building that houses the Civic Library: the cycle of frescoes dedicated to King Arthur dating back to the late 14th century and the collection of paintings and notebooks of Giovanni Migliara are worth a visit. Savoy domination begun in the 18th century left many traces in Alessandria, including the Citadel, a military fortress which has now become a historical monument and park. Since 2016, it has been connected to the city by the bridge designed by Meier, a white arch which frames the panorama of the River Tanaro. For bicycle lovers, we recommend a visit to the Museum Alessandria Città delle Biciclette, in Palazzo Monferrato, while a visit to the historical Borsalino shop is a must for all those who are mad about shopping.

Information and contacts

piazza della Libertà, 1 - 15100 Alessandria (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0131) 515.111
Telephone 2: +39 0131 288.095