Age-old market of Volpedo


Age-old market of Volpedo



The Age-old market of Volpedo along the salt road is held every Saturday morning, and until 3 pm the last Saturday of the month, in the historic structure of the fruit market, built in 1937 right in the centre of Volpedo. It is also held in bad weather, as the area is covered. The products, sold only by those who produce them, are local, seasonal and obtained from traditional processes and made with attention to the environment and respect for the workers. They also have a fair and transparent price for both buyer and seller. To summarise, they can be described as good, clean and fair. The Age-old market of Volpedo along the salt road wants to be more than a shopping destination; it is also a meeting place, where you can get to know other people and eat with others. A place where you can find the products of agricultural and cultural biodiversity of the territory learning to distinguish the different tastes and flavours. An opportunity to discover that food is not only a source of nourishment but also of pleasure, history, identity, culture, health and future. A place where you build trust - in food, the people who produce it and the community to which we belong. The Age-old Market of Volpedo was born thanks to two associations: La Strada del Sale (association of organic producers) and Slow Food, and has become a reality thanks to the sponsorship of the Volpedo town council and to the support of the Pellizza association. It meets the requirements of the Decree dated 20 November 2007 (implementation of law no. 296 of 27 December 2006), on markets reserved for direct sales by farmers.


Every Saturday morning, the last Saturday of the month until 3 pm with the possibility to lunch directly in the covered space of the market with local products.

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