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04/01/2024 - 31/12/2024
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Italian products are historically associated with elegance, craftsmanship and quality: on this journey between Turin and Monferrato you will discover how some of the iconic brands are still produced with the same professional skills in the historic sites of origin and from there sold all over the world as a testimony to our Made in Italy.


Day 1

Arrive in Turin in the late morning
Lunch at leisure
Short walk along Via Roma and Via Po as far as the Mole Antonelliana. Architectural symbol of the city of Turin, the Mole Antonelliana was initially conceived as a Synagogue, before being purchased by the local authority to turn it into a monument of national unity. Designed and begun by the architect Alessandro Antonelli in 1863, it was completed in 1889. At the time, standing at 167.5 metres tall, it was the highest brick building in Europe. In 1961, the panoramic lift was inaugurated to mark the celebrations for the Centenary of the Unity of Italy; renewed in 1999, it still allows visitors to climb to the small temple, at 85 metres of height, and admire the extraordinary view of the city and the Alpine region that surrounds it.
Inside, it hosts the National Museum of Cinema where you can admire extraordinary collections and trace the history of cinema from its origins to our days. An interactive visit to discover the set designs, objects and many historical artifacts. To conclude, you will climb the Mole Antonelliana in a panoramic lift.
Free time to discover the thousand corners of Turin; the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy preserves a refined soul rich in culture. Sumptuous baroque buildings and ancient cafeterias line the avenues and grandiose Turin squares, such as piazza Castello, piazza San Carlo, piazza Vittorio and piazza Carignano. And in a historical cafeteria you will take part in a snack, the Merenda Reale® a small journey through time among the Royal Savoy family.
Between a steaming hot chocolate or Bicerin, offered together with the irresistible "bagnati" and other chocolate specialities rigorously to dip such as savoiardi, baci di dama, torcetti, lingue di gatto, canestrelli, cri cri, diabolottini and gianduiotti you will enjoy an unforgettable break.
Dinner at leisure and overnight stay in hotel.

Day 2

Breakfast in hotel and visit to the Lavazza Museum in the spectacular Headquarters of the Borgo Dora district. The Lavazza brand, known worldwide, was born in a small shop in the historic centre of Turin. Since 1895, Lavazza has been synonymous with coffee and Italian excellence.
The Lavazza Museum is an immersive experience in the culture of coffee and its rituals, a multisensorial route which traces the history of a company and of the coffee supply chain
Articulated in five themed areas among sounds, images and aromas: Casa Lavazza, la Fabbrica, la Piazza, l’ Atelier, l’ Universo. The museum route can only end with Lavazza excellence: from the classic coffee pot with blends and single origins to the Coffetail Lavazza, the exclusive recipes of Coffee Design, result of the collaboration of the Lavazza Training Center with the great international chefs to experience new ways of enjoying expresso.
At the end of the visit, with a delightful walk descending towards Porta Palazzo we
recommend transiting through the Balon district of antiquarians, giftware and vintage.
Every Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm the antiques market, a veritable city institution.
Lunch at leisure.
In the afternoon, experience the Gianduiotto workshop. You will discover all the secrets and magic of the chocolate of Turin under the guidance of an expert Maitre Chocolatier: a fascinating story of the history of Turin confectionery which will end with samplings and tastings.
Dinner at leisure in the Roman Quadrilateral, a very lively zone of Turin full of characteristic restaurants and bars.
Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 3

Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to Pessione to visit Casa Martini to immerse yourself in the Martini ® world. The Martini ® products tell the story of two visionary men, of an ancient art where wine making excellence meets aromatic herbs: each bottle encloses experience and artisan quality known the world over. It was 1863 when the first vermouth was made, the MARTINI ® Rosso and the recipe of this original mix is current, today as it was then. You will participate in the Discovery Tour with the guided tour to the museums of Casa Martini and the new section dedicated to the botanicals of vermouth. To follow, the visit to the production plant and Vermouth Class: under the guidance of the Martini Ambassadors, you will discover the techniques of the master blender, to use the botanicals and to mix the aromatic notes to create your personal Vermouth to take home. To follow, transfer to Alessandria. Free time available for a delightful walk in the historic centre: we advise a visit to the ACDB Museum Alessandria City of Bicycles, or the Sale d'Arte with the Arthurian Cycle of frescoes of the 14th century or to Palatium Vetus with the permanent exhibition of the artists of the 20th century (Pellizza da Volpedo, Carrà, Morbelli, Morando).
Dinner in typical trattoria with tasting menu of local dishes, such as the "rabaton", dumplings made with ricotta and local herbs.
Overnight stay in 4* centrally located hotel.

Day 4

Breakfast in hotel a day dedicated to Borsalino, brand ambassador of Made in Italy in the world, and to the city of Alessandria, where the historic company was founded 166 years ago.
The Borsalino hat is synonymous with artisan tradition and excellence. All the production activities are still carried out on the outskirts of the city in the new premises of the company, the actions of the ‘borsaline’, the name given to the female workers of the historic factory are repeated daily.
Thanks to the factory visit, you will discover that 52 processes by skilled artisans are required to make a Borsalino hat; each stage is carried out exactly as it was 166 years ago, no serial moulds just passion and a high level of
Return to Alessandria and lunch at leisure
The journey continues at the Museum: with modern multimedia supports you will go back over the history of the Borsalino family and its unbreakable bond with the city of Alessandria. The route continues through the eight monumental windows designed by Arnaldo Gardella for the ancient Borsalino Samples Room which rhythm the passage among as many narrative sections with more than two thousand hats on show. A journey among cinema, art and design through the most famous hat in the world.
Dinner at leisure and overnight stay in hotel.

Day 5

Breakfast in hotel and short transfer to the town of Valenza to take part in the Gold Experience.
The Gold Experience is the first and only guided tour of a historic jewellery company, excellence of craftsmanship in Valenza since 1957. During the exclusive experience, visitors will learn how jewels are born through a cultural and sensorial route.
The tour is divided into four stages:
-The art of DNA with the history of the family starting from the grandfather, famous artist and painter: jewellery and pictorial art together to elicit emotions.
-The Museum or the History Room to trace the development of tools used by master goldsmiths and which exhibits the numerous national and international awards won by the company.
- The Factory, namely inside the jewellery atelier: the various phases of jewel creation are illustrated, from the design idea (the drawing by hand and then transposition in 3D), passing to the waxes, to reach the choice of materials and gemstones. You will be amazed at the number of passages in the skilful hands of a goldsmith to arrive at a wearable jewel.
- The Boutique, the showcase of the exclusive creations to admire and purchase with the advice of a true jewel guide.
An authentic journey in goldsmith craftsmanship which has made the city of Valenza synonymous with excellence in the world.
End of services.

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€ 680,00 (groups of 2 pax)

The price includes:

2 overnight stays in 3* hotel in Turin, in a twin room with
2 overnight stays in 4* hotel in the centre of Alessandria, in a twin room with
Admission to the National Museum of Cinema + panoramic lift for two people
Merenda Reale ® experience for two people
Admission to Lavazza Museum for two people
Gianduiotto workshop experience for two people
Casa Martini: Discovery Tour + Vermouth class for two people
Dinner in trattoria in Alessandria with traditional menu for two people (including wines)
Borsalino Experience (Guided tour of the Production plant + admission to Museum) for two people
Gold Experience (exclusive experience) for two people
Health insurance

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Meals not indicated, transfers, city tax, cancellation insurance, extras and anything not listed in the entry the price includes


Guided tour of Turin or Alessandria euro 150,00 (4 hours)

THE TOUR OF THE PRODUCTION PLANT IS ONLY POSSIBLE ON WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS (except for business holidays and public holidays)


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Families, Groups, Individuals

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No, on request (with supplement)