Stagione Teatrale 2023/2024: "Ma non avevamo detto per sempre?"


Stagione Teatrale 2023/2024: "Ma non avevamo detto per sempre?"



Thursday 29 February 2024
Friday 1 March 2024
9 pm


Directed by Antonio Pisu
Author Tiziana Foschi
with Antonio Catania, Tiziana Foschi

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She is a pharmacist. He is an actor and writer always trying to make the great
artistic leap. She is fed up being the pragmatic one of the couple, the one who
must take care of providing an income, the one you can rely on. He is fed up
of not being understood, perhaps he made a mistake spending thirty years
of his life with a woman who ultimately “doesn’t speak the same language”. He is
convinced of having more important years ahead of him and he has decided to leave her. They wanted two children, but they never arrived and, initially, then perhaps to stop them going crazy, they invented the fact that they had a child...Polonius.
For him: Shakespearean character of Hamlet, father of Ophelia: For her: a chemical radioactive element whose discovery is attributed to Peter and Maria
They play with this invented son, play with words, with the future to build
with his foster care now that they have decided to separate. They are cynical,
ruthless, disarming. Everything seems to float in a meta-theatrical setting
where they move with extreme nonchalance. He is in crisis because
the world has changed, he is no longer inspired, and "clinging" to a way
of conceiving the art which no one is looking for anymore.
She, on the other hand, is in perfect harmony with the contemporary
world: the world needs chemistry. To sleep, to eat, to have sex, to poo.
The tracks on which their marriage traveled are irreparably moving apart
but, there is a BUT! Love, do they still feel it? Will they feel it again?
They have certainly known it, so everything can be done. She suggests using their personal story for the play which he should write, finally giving him the success he has been looking for, for so long, for too long. Will they leave each other? Will they find each other again? For sure,the great philosophers ComaCose are right: whatever happens, Goodbye is not an option.

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