Stagione Teatrale 2023/2024: I Legnanesi in "Guai a chi ruba"


Stagione Teatrale 2023/2024: I Legnanesi in "Guai a chi ruba"



Tuesday 27 February 2024
9 pm


Directed by Antonio Provasio - Text by Mitia Del Brocco
starring Antonio Provasio, Enrico Dalceri, Italo Giglioli
Set design and Costumes Enrico Dalceri
Produced by Chi.Te.Ma. - I LEGNANESI

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A new show to re-embrace the tens of thousands of spectators who wait from year to year to spend two carefree hours with the Colombo family
- Antonio Provasio (Teresa), Enrico Dalceri (Mabilia), Italo Giglioli
(Giovanni) – and the other characters of the courtyard.
The new title for the 2023_2024 theatre season promises sure fun,
the comedy and tradition of I LEGNANESI struggling with a commandment which is as timely as ever.
Growing up in a traditional family of healthy and authentic principles today is a great fortune: Mabilia is fully aware of this and, aware of this privilege, she participates
in a charity competition winning the "temporary adoption" of a problem child, but with an incredibly overwhelming character. And this is exactly how Carmine becomes part of the Colombo family, overwhelming everyone...
The task of Teresa and Giovanni will be to reintegrate the boy into society providing him with the solid foundations and essential moral principles to live honestly,
while that of Mabilia to play the role of "older sister".
But we know that habits (even the bad ones, unfortunately!) are hard to break and because
of a stunt committed by Carmine, in the second part of the show the three Colombos
will find themselves in a courtroom to try to "clear their name" for something they did not commit, above all Giovanni who, for the great happiness of Teresa, will even risk imprisonment!
But, when all seems to degenerate with no way out, the situation will change, making the audience reflect on the 7th commandment.

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