Photography exhibition "Punti di vista – Letture in B/N"


Photography exhibition "Punti di vista – Letture in B/N"


Friday 1 September, at the Municipal Cultural Centre, inauguration of the photo exhibition by Enzo Giordano entitled Punti di Vista - Letture in B/N.

The exhibition, promoted by the Municipality of Valenza in association with UNITRE Valenza, will be dedicated to exclusively analog-based black and white photographs by Giordano.
The choice of film and rigorous black and white are dictated by the photographer's emotional connection to the immediacy and unrepeatability of the shot which can be observed only after the photograph has been printed. This is also the choice of a more meditated photograph which wants to capture what others don't see and bring it to the attention of the viewer. Essentially, it will be the emotional reading of the shots by the viewers that will help, with their personal input, to amplify the intention and thought of the photographer and the initial point of view.

About seventy photographs will be on show, documenting more than a single theme or specific place. The shots were taken in different locations between the provinces of Alessandria, Vercelli, Pavia and Imperia.

On Thursday 7 September at 5 pm guided tour of the exhibition by Enzo Giordano who will take the public on a discovery of his photographs.

Enzo Giordano, was born in Alessandria in 1961, but lives in Valenza. After attaining his technical-business diploma in 1980 he trained for a short time as an artisan goldsmith, before going on to work at the Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria and later in Credit Agricole until 2021, when he retired. He has always been attracted to photography and reporting, and spent recent years dedicating himself to exclusively analog-based black and white photography.

Opening times of the exhibition:
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 9 am - 12.30 pm / 3 pm - 6 pm
Wednesday: 9 am - 2 pm
Friday and Saturday: 9 am - noon

For information:
tel. 0131 949286

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