A story in the outdoor area


A story in the outdoor area


"Un racconto nel dehor" is the newest Christmas initiative which the G.Spina municipal library has organised, with the sponsorship of the Municipality, to welcome friends and tourists who will visit the town during the Christmas festivities. On Sunday, 3 December, in the historic centre of Treville and precisely in the panoramic "Dehor delle Rose" of via Roma, thirteen illustrated boards will be on show inspired by the Christmas fairy tale "Trippa" written by Paolo Testa and illustrated by Valentina Oppezzo. The fairy tale is read following the posters, all numbered progressively and the route has been positioned to enable the occasional visitor to alternate the reading with the view of the rustic frontal panorama. "The wood was in turmoil. Trippa had disappeared, or better, he couldn't be found anywhere. And to think that all the animals were engaged in the search!" This is the very beginning of the story, but to know how it evolves, or better to read all its plot, you have to do the recommended walk. The sole initiative (unique in our area) has the purpose of using the written word and the literary tradition of Christmas fairy tales, to transmit an authentic emotion in those who read and walk through the centre of Treville.
The initiative "Un racconto nel dehor" will be open to visitors until 6 January.

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