Ostentation of the copy of the Holy Shroud in the Church of Sant'Ilario


Ostentation of the copy of the Holy Shroud in the Church of Sant'Ilario


For Easter, the Church of Sant'Ilario of Casale Monferrato will exhibit the copy of the Holy Shroud, its home since the 19th century.

This copy was commissioned by the Franciscan Friar Bonaventura Rellio and was carried out on Muslin in Turin in 1643 by an anonymous author; using the tracing technique, he faithfully copied the figure, shadows, stains and burns visible on the Shroud, the sheet which wrapped the body of Christ in the sepulchre, today housed in the Cathedral of Turin. The overlapping of the two canvases has conferred holiness to the new canvas making it a relic. Friar Rellio, born in Palazzolo, but of Irish origin, had had the copy of the Shroud made as a gift to send to his Catholic brothers in Ireland, but falling serious ill was unable to accomplish this. In 1655, realizing he could no longer personally deliver the copy of the Shroud, he gave it to two of his Irish brothers who, alas, were never able to transfer the copy to Ireland. It was housed in the Church of Santa Maria del Tempio and after ups and downs and several transitions, by intercession of the Bishop of Casale Monsignor Francesco Alciati (1817/1828) the canvas was delivered to the Church of Sant'Ilario to be housed and put on show for public devotion.

The copy of the Shroud accompanied by useful information for an in-depth analysis will be exhibited from Wednesday 27 March to Friday 19 April in the parish church of Sant'Ilario which can be visited from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 7 pm.

Don Franco Zuccarelli, parish priest of Sant'Ilario and curator of the ostentation, will be available for guided tours for schools, visitors and the faithful. For information and bookings contact Don Franco on 338 148 8222.

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