March Woman 2023

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March Woman 2023

from 24 February 2023 to 05 April 2023

8 March is International Women’s Day

To draw attention to the theme, the Equal Opportunities Municipal Council of Alessandria, the Mayor of the City and Equal Opportunities Councillor of Alessandria, Giorgio Abonante, and all the Municipal Administration are promoting “Marzo Donna 2023”.

This is a project which includes more than 30 events, from late February to early April.

The key initiatives are:

From 2 to 8 March
“HAUTE COUTURE DRESS ALESSANDRIA” - Creative Fashion Luxury Event – High Fashion Collection of the designer Fouzia Jammali for me.dea
From 10:30 am to 7:30 pm - Via San Lorenzo Corner of Galleria Guerci

- 8 March: Vivaldi Flute Day at the Gambarina Museum
Concerts for Women's Day: at 11:45 am and 6 pm

From 4 to 25 March at 4:30 pm – Sale d’arte – Via Machiavelli 13
-4 March - Simonetta Gorsegno with the essay “Horn Please. Viaggio nel paese dei Maharaja” and the novel “La Capitana e il Glifo”
-11 March - Ornella Cornara with the publications “In principio era Eva” and “Per un morso di mela”
-18 March - Nadia Mantovani with the book “Le carte delle donne”; Manola Aramini with the books “Noi che ci stiamo perdendo” and “Gabbiani luminosi. Le donne fantasma di Mussolini”

-15 March
“CHI RICERCA AMA” – Dinner and blues dedicated to research
8:30 pm - Cento Grigio – Via Bonardi 25

Full programme attached. Check-ups for the prevention of female diseases are by appointment.

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