Fantasy Festival,


Fantasy Festival,


From 28 May to 1 June 2024 "Fantasy-Festival of Contemporary Circus, Art of Road and Music", a project by the MagdaClan circus, in association with the Municipality of Frassinello Monferrato, which takes internationally-acclaimed artists to a hill setting.
Besides the weekend shows it will be possible to participate in the event Eccezione n°.6 of MagdaClan on 29 and 30 May at 10.30 am (booking required).

The festival, which returns to Monferrato for its seventh edition, falls within the project "Colli in
circo" of which MagdaClan is the spokesperson.

After 6 years of activity comes the desire to expand the radius of action and reach a fusion of the two events in a single large territorial project in Piedmont which leads to taking a
more aware and
critical look at the artistic and social value.
This has led to Colli in Circo, a project in association with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, Municipality of Frassinello, Pro Loco of Frassinello, Destinazione Monferrato with the support of Fondazione Crt and MiC-Ministry of Culture networked with C.Re.S.Co. and Talea.


This is the Fantasy 2024 program:

28 May 2024
10.30 am
Frassinello Monferrato - sports field
"Eccezione n.6", MagdaClan
morning show for local schools

29-30 May 2024
10.30 am
Frassinello Monferrato - sports field
"Eccezione n.6", MagdaClan
for the public at large

31 May 2024
9 pm
Village of Frassinello Monferrato
“Circo Extra_ordinario” , site-specific performance by MagdaClan circus

1 June 2024 FANTASY
Frassinello Monferrato - sports field
- 5.30 pm: opening of play area
- 6 pm: In Viaggio - Daniele Sorisi and Tiphaine Rochais
- 6.30 pm: Sweet Molotov (work in progress) - Giorgia Russo
- 7.30 pm: GENNIFERS in concert
- 9.30 pm: Naufragata - Circo Zoé

The shows

“ECCEZIONE” is the new collective format of the MagdaClan company, a real series which has the primary goal of presenting an immediate show, fresh and at the same time researched, intriguing and suitable for all types of audience.
This show wants to be an outstretched hand to a new public, especially towards the younger children who will be accompanied to discover the different features of this
living art.
Thanks to the language of play, inspired precisely by the dynamics of cartoons, the artists on stage will be put to the test by ingenious and mechanical devices with which to dialogue to reach their purpose. A real journey of the circus.....hero!

booking is compulsory
prices: €5


“Circo Extra Ordinario” site-specific performance by MagdaClan circo

Merging the language of contemporary circus, artistic experimentation, architecture and the particularity of a place, creates an extraordinary relationship between the artists, the public and the space. Circo Extra Ordinario is a poetical experience to enjoy in villages, museums, castles, factories, places of particular architectural interest. It gives a new perspective on environments, usually dedicated to other uses, and makes them more unique.

from 7.30 pm to 9 pm: opening of ticket office at the sports field of Frassinello
9 pm: start of travelling performance
booking is compulsory
prices: €15 adults / €12 reduced / €10 children

In Viaggio by Daniele Sorisi and Tiphaine Rochais
In a world in orbit, two characters travel inside a very unique machine: a
German wheel!
Among the discovery of planets, gravity plays on their relationship and makes them experiment a vortex of emotions. Inside a cosmos of acrobatics and portes acrobatics, their bodies are transported by gravitational voids and micro-magnetic fields.
Space attracts them in variable geometric trajectories, the lines define time and the spirals take it to infinity.
The imagination of the contemporary circus allows our imagination to travel further than what we think... A show of German wheel which promises excitement and
vertigo out of this world!

Rochais Tiphaine was born in France in 1990.
After 10 years as an artistic gymnast, she dedicates herself to Jazz, modern dance, song and continues to deepen her passion between verticals, trapeze and German wheel. She studies cultural project management, communication and organisation of events but soon learns that her passion is performing on stage. Born in Florence in 1985, at sixteen years of age Daniele Sorisi starts to focus all his energy on the circus. Irreverent juggler, dancer and acrobat, in 2006 he graduates from the FLIC Circus School in juggling.
He studies with Roberto Magro, Jhonny Torres, Arian Miluca, Pascal Angelier, Raimond Peiramaure, Francois Juliot, Roberto Olivan and many more participating in different apprenticeships. In 2007, he is on stage with “Littra”, a show produced by the FLIC Circus school managed by Roberto Magro.
From here, he becomes co-founder of the MagdaClan company, one of the biggest Italian companies of contemporary circus, where he takes ironic and poetic characters to the stage using unusual circus objects and tools.
His acrobatic number has been shown during many important international events such as Italia's Got Talent or TEDx.

open-air show, no booking required, free entry donations welcome


Sweet Molotov - Giorgia Russo, produced by MagdaClan
(work in progress)
A new work which starts from the anthropological research on the body and violence with the desire to let the voice of memory and scars of the past re-emerge
through the body.
The idea comes from the convergence of two roads which Giorgia has been travelling for many years: the circus and anthropology; to conclude her university pathway in Cultural Anthropology the object of study is to investigate how the body tells its stories, how memory writes them on the body and which traumas and which visible and non-visible signs carry the burden of the past. The questions to investigate are many and if on one side they are academic on the other they seem to evoke paths of artistic and body research which are akin to circus and dance.

Giorgia Russo was born in 1983 "in the neighborhood where the sun of the Good God doesn't shine" .
She approaches the world of art initially through academic study following a degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and only later discovers that practising art is what moves her world.
She graduates in 2009 from the Flic circus school of Turin and from that moment on she starts to investigate dance, theatre and clownerie around Europe building her personal technique on aerial disciplines, daughter of her incessant research.
In 2013, she becomes part of the contemporary MagdaClan circus company with which she takes numerous shows on stage under the big top, in the theatre and on the road and since 2017 she has been the director of the touring circus festival in Monferrato Mon Circo.
A graduate in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, she nurtures her artistic approach transversally between artistic and anthropological investigation.

open-air show, no booking required, free entry donations welcome

Gennifers - in concert Post Pop, Post Punk, Post Lunch
The “Gennifers" is an energetic and rebel music band which has made the reinterpretation of the pop hits of the early 2000s to date its signature tune. With distorted keyboards, fast rhythms and scratching vocals, it transforms pop melodies into explosive punk arrangements. The performance on stage is a mix of nostalgia and freshness, capturing the attention of listeners with a renewed punk vitality which redefines the pop hits of the past.

open-air show, no booking required, free entry donations welcome

Naufragata - Circo Zoé
By and with: Simone Benedetti
Anouck Blanchet
Adrien Fretard
Chiara Sicoli
Gael Manipoud / Andrea Cerrato
Marta Pistocchi / Jean Stengel
Diego Zanoli

Naufragata, an original, impacting, captivating and poetical circus show in which circus and music create a timeless world in which to "flounder".
The wind blows on the banks of the Mediterranean, it blows the sails of the bastions loaded with imagination and poetry.
The perfumes merge, like the echos of distant sounds. They travel the waves of creativity.
Circo Zoé invites the audience on a new journey, to the rhythm of the drums that mark the movements, on the notes of the accordion which accompanies the evolutions of the team.
The need for movement, never stop so you never arrive. Know that our art like our life is generated by change, by perpetual movement. The islands are not what we dreamed of because the day in which we think that we have arrived will be our end. Now we breathe that air of gentle lightness and satisfaction which leads us to want to start exactly from that point of arrival, because that point of arrival is not the end, but rather the living part of that perpetual movement which, apart from living beings, makes us artists who do not try to find firm land on which to land.
The pirate journey is something more than a metaphor for our show, it is that subtle but deep line of conjunction which has always associated the touring nature of a circus company with the journey by sea of a boat or a pirate ship. So, our need is that of telling the impossibility of arriving and, each time, instead of landing and disembarking, we start off again but stay alive..

Circo Zoé is an Italian-French circus company active internationally since 2012 result of the creative meeting between Simone Benedetti, Chiara Sicoli and Diego Zanoli.
Recognized at national level as ministerial company by MiBACT since 2016, it is one of the pioneering companies in contemporary Italian circus which has set itself apart internationally for technical virtuosity, artistic and poetic sensitivity, social attention able to give a popular value but never populist to shows and the high number of artists and technicians involved with the desire to develop a real working family in continuous dialogue with a musical language which listens to the gestures of the circus.
Recognized internationally with more than 70 annual shows between Italy, Europe, South America, and 20 members between artists and technicians, with training projects in Africa and in Canada.

Show with compulsory booking:
prices: €15 adults / €12 reduced / €10 children

Reductions are reserved to:
– students of circus, theatre, dance, music schools
– initiative “un biglietto tira l’altro”
Project by Talea Circo which under Circo Vibes brings together: Mon Circo, Fantasy, Istantanea nel Monferrato / Dinamico Festival in Reggio Emilia / Stagione Spazio FLIC in Turin / Fuori Asse
in Milan.
The promotion is geared to the public: presenting one or more tickets for one of the circus events involved, you will receive a ticket at a reduced price in the partner events.

> Car park: We ask the public to share car space, publishing offers of car-sharing in the Facebook event.
> Refreshments: aside from the festival, the village of Frassinello offers alternatives such as Enosteria and La vecchia Rocka Pub
> Accommodation: the B&B Tenuta San Rocco Conzano (AL) and Fer.Mo Frassinello (AL) have an agreement with the festival and for those who book under the name of Fantasy the breakfast will be free of charge.
for info and bookings +39 331 138 8336

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