Earth Day


Earth Day


"Nature is not a place to visit. It is our home".
This is a declaration by American poet, Gary Snyder, which must be shared and made our own, making it become our way of thinking and above all acting. Nature is home which protects and hosts us, but it is also and above all, the organism we need to take care of because we are part of it.
Exploration, play and discovery are the way to go, so that even the younger children can start to grow up with this attention to the themes of sustainability, tackled not by words, but through the intelligence of hands, feelings and emotions.
This is what will be discussed, indeed played, on Monday 22 April, from 10.30 to noon, at Parco Primo Sport of Viale Milite Ignoto, in Alessandria.
The stars will be the girls and boys between 0 and 3 years of age and their families, who can celebrate "Earth Day", now in its fifty-fourth edition, with the entertainers of the Municipal nursery, "C'è sole e luna" and of the
Cooperative "Semi di senape".
Workshops and activities "with" and "for" the earth will be proposed, with the goal of making the children play and learn and making the adults reflect.

For information:
- Ludoteca C’è Sole e Luna, Via Verona, 103
- tel. 0131 227216 / 348 5735800 (also via WhatsApp)

From 10.30 am to noon.

Information and contacts
viale Milite Ignoto Parco Primo Sport - Alessandria