Thursday 18 April at 9 pm at the Civic Museum of Palazzo Cuttica (via Parma 1), ASM Costruire Insieme and the City of Alessandria, as part of the third edition of the festival "Dimensioni parallele" propose "Il segreto di Dedalo - Misteri e avventure del mitico inventore"/ The secret of Daedalus-Mysteries and adventures of the mythical inventor, theatrical narrative by the Coltelleria Einstein company.
The show, written and starring Giorgio Boccassi, is directed by Donata Baggio Sola with original music by Egidio Perduca and Mauro Isetti.

Daedalus, Icarus’ father, is well-known, above all for designing the Labyrinth
of Crete in which the Minotaur was imprisoned; in actual fact, the myth that relates to him is much more complex. Some considered Daedalus to be history's first engineer, others, the father of Greek sculpture and others again, the great architect of antiquity. He is accredited with the invention of the first robots, self-propelled statues, and the invention of various tools, for example the ruler. He also invented the sail. In short, Daedalus is the first Leonardo-like genius, connected with the two most important “scientists” of Greek mythology: Hephaestus and Prometheus.

Daedalus’ "career" starts in Athens where he becomes famous as an architect, scientist and inventor. He teaches his nephew Talos the sciences, and he becomes very talented very quickly, almost better than his uncle. Blinded by envy, Dedalus kills him. He flees Athens arriving to Crete, where he is recognized by King Minos. Instead of condemning him or sending him back to Athens, he appreciates his talent and takes him into his service.

Daedalus designs buildings and great urban works in Knossos, he has the Labyrinth built and marries Naucrate. She gives birth to a boy and they call him Icarus.

However, Daedalus' life crosses path with that of Theseus, Ariadne, the Minotaur and Pasiphae, until the construction of the wings which will take Icarus and himself to fly away from the Labyrinth. Icarus will fly too close to the sun despite the “scientific” warnings of Daedalus and finish in the sea.

In the show by Giorgio Boccassi the audience relives the adventurous and mythical itineraries of Daedalus which enclose a terrible secret. It is a compelling theatrical narrative with lots of twists and turns, and a journey through mythology between fantasy and sci-fi. The original music played at some crucial moments is a beautiful surprise which makes the show a small theatrical gem.

The author consulted many interesting texts when writing the show: Mino Milani, La storia di Dedalo e Icaro; Bordiglioni-Aglietti, Teseo e il mostro del labirinto; Karoly Kerenyi, Gli dei e gli eroi della Grecia; Ovidio, Le metamorfosi; Pausania, Periegesi della Grecia; Esiodo, Teogonia e Le opere e i giorni; Decio Cinti, Dizionario mitologico.

The event on 18 April is the second chapter of the third edition of the festival "Dimensioni parallele".

It is an initiative of ASM Costruire Insieme which includes artistic events, concerts and shows inspired by literary texts to promote their reading. "Dimensioni paralleli" is intended to mean those places, worlds, realities, accessible only through art in its multiple forms and through the integration between different arts. With live readings, performances, shows, musical performances and much more, the spaces of the Civic Library (and others) will become stages for extraordinary experiences.

Free admission to show, until full capacity is reached.

For information: or contact 0131.515917

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