“Ritorno alla materia tra realtà e reale” - mostra di Sara Varvello


“Ritorno alla materia tra realtà e reale” - mostra di Sara Varvello


Palazzo Valentino - Municipal Culture Centre, on Friday 5 April at 5:30 pm,
will host the inauguration of the exhibition curated by Vittoria Oneto "Ritorno alla materia - Tra realtà e reale" with the works by the artist Sara Varvello.

The exhibition organised by the Municipality of Valenza is promoted by the Association Libera Mente of Alessandria.

At a time when images overlap and merge what is reality, real, virtual; the title of the exhibition immediately evokes the meaning behind this exposition which expresses the need of the artist to emerge from the constriction of repetition, to recover an art (and, therefore, an existence) which is not homologated.

The works on show immerse us in a reflective dimension and distance us from the excess of stereotyped images of the contemporary and virtual world which dull our conscience: a world in which even art, at times, ends up being conceived as ephemeral representation until it makes the "real body of things" absent.

Return to the material; a material which respects itself and the lessons of nature, freed from the idea.
We find simplified essential forms. Sculptures like primary structures; minimalism which rediscovers a new relationship with the spirit, volume and surfaces.
The works, in ceramic and glazed porcelain capture the spontaneous, casual movement of the material and rebuild a new dimension, between folds, curves and tears; inevitably compared by the artist to the journey of life, for its both unpredictable and surprising

In the figurative works on wood and paper, the textural hues and the water, are the protagonists which inhabit the space, giving life to an increasingly blurred boundary between what seems real and what actually is real.

"The Municipality of Valenza is always delighted to welcome exhibition and cultural proposals promoted by the Association Libera Mente. After the exhibition on Cosimo Zappelli last year, in 2024 Palazzo Valentino will host the works of Sara Varvello. Through her work, among sculptures and paintings, the artist from Alessandria shapes material using a refined and incisive lexicon" comment the mayor Maurizio Oddone and the Cultural Heritage Councillor Alessia Zaio.

Sara Varvello, artist from Alessandria, graduated in Sculpture from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. In Milan she attends the painting section of the Italian Academy of Restoration. Since 2000 she has taught Plastic and Sculptural disciplines and is currently a lecturer at the Artistic High School "Carlo Carrà" of Valenza. Over the years, she has continued her artistic career gaining new poetics and experimenting different figurative genres. She actively participates in exhibitions and market-fairs of modern and contemporary art.

The exhibition is open to visitors until 27 April at the following times:
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 9 am - 12:30 pm/3 pm - 6 pm
Wednesday: 9 am - 2 pm
Friday and Saturday: 9 am - noon

For information: / 0131 949286

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