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14/04/2024 - 20/10/2024
Cabella Ligure


An itinerary to travel by e-bike and discover the most charming villages of the Borbera and Curone valleys between breathtaking scenery and unique experiences.


Discover the gastronomic excellence of the Borbera, Grue and Ossona Valleys, along scenic routes and breathtaking views.
Pick up the e-bike in Cabella Ligure and led by our expert cycle tour guide set off along the ridge for Campana and Cavignino to Dernice to the meeting point of the three valleys. Inside the village there are remains of an ancient square tower trace of the Castle of the Spinola family. Montebore, the name of a hamlet of Dernice, gives its name to a cheese, a Slow Food presidium and obtained from cow and sheep milk.
The history of Montebore begins in the 15th century, more precisely in 1489, when Tortona celebrated the marriage of Isabella of Aragon to Gian Galeazzo Sforza, nephew of Ludovico il Moro, and regent of the Duchy of Milan. Montebore appears as the only cheese served at this lavish wedding reception, at the behest of the master of ceremonies Leonardo Da Vinci who conceived the wedding cake shape of the cheese for this special occasion. Its real origin appears to date from the 10th century to several Benedictine Monks and until after the war, due to the depopulation of the valleys, its production stopped. In 1999, the recipe was recovered, and production resumed. Montebore cheese occupies an important place in the local gastronomic excellence.

- ROUTE 1 Following the visit to Dernice, descend to San Sebastiano Curone: the village was once the centre of trade between Genoa and the State of Milan, and its vocation is evident in its urban shape of narrow cobbled streets and tall multi-storey houses, some with artistic portals of sculpted stone.
In autumn, San Sebastiano welcomes one of the most important truffle fairs of the province with tasting stands and menus dedicated to the king of the table.
Having left San Sebastiano, head towards Fabbrica Curone to visit an important cheese factory which produces Montebore cheese: its work reflects the project to enhance the historic and gastronomic identity of the area and with the long-distance adoption of goats it creates a solidarity network to protect the ancient trades, animal breeds and farm products.
After the tasting, head back towards San Sebastiano, Montebore, Costa Merlassino to Pertuso and to the gorges over the River Borbera to return to Cabella.

- ROUTE 2 Having visited Dernice, descend towards Garbagna, one of the most beautiful Villages of Italy of medieval origin and with a strong Ligurian influence. The heart of the village is piazza Doria with its four horse chestnut trees. Colourful narrow streets depart from here and you can reach as far as the Castle or visit the parish church of San Giovanni Decollato which is home to an important work by Guglielmo Caccia aka il Moncalvo. Lunch at leisure.
Garbagna is also famous for the cherry of Garbagna, a variety of cherry which is Slow Food presidium, of a particular intense red colour and very crispy; if preserved in spirit, it maintains its consistency and integrity. Stop off at a farm of the area specialized in its production. Possibility to insert truffle hunting experience (with additional charge).
From Garbagna, head back towards Borghetto to visit the historic centre and the Toy Museum: 250 works created by the painter Enrico Debenedetti using the art of recycling. On the return road, you walk along the river as far as the gorges, the canyon between steep slopes and the emerald green waters which gives breathtaking views.
Before returning to Cabella, stop in Cantalupo Ligure to visit a donkey goat and sheep farm with the production of cheese: here, besides tasting cheeses and unforgettable yogurts, you can try your hand at a fun wool workshop (on request and with additional charge)
Return bicycles to Cabella and end of services.

from 14/04/2024 to 20/10/2024

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