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01/01/2024 - 31/12/2024
Via BERGAMO 42, Valenza 15048


The Gold Experience is the first and only guided tour of a historic goldsmith company, excellence of craftsmanship, based in Valenza since 1957. During the exclusive experience it will be possible to learn how the jewels are created along a cultural and sensorial route.
The tour is divided into four stages:
- Art in DNA with the story of the family starting from the grandfather, famous artist and painter: goldsmith art and pictorial art merge to awaken emotions.
- The Museum or the History Room, where the evolution of the equipment of master goldsmiths are on show and where there are numerous national and international awards received by the company on display
- the Factory, namely inside the goldsmith workshop: this is where the various phases of the creation of a jewel are described, from the design idea (hand drawing and then transposition to 3D), passing to the waxes, to arrive at the choice of materials and gemstones. You will be amazed at how many passages there are in the knowledgeable hands of a goldsmith to arrive at a jewel to be worn.
The Boutique, the showcase of exclusive creations to admire and to purchase with the assistance of a true and proper jewel guide.
An authentic journey into goldsmith craftsmanship which has made the city of Valenza synonymous with excellence in the world.

The gold experience is available in English, French and Russian. Duration of the visit 1hr30m


At the historic premises of the jewellery company in Valenza

from 01/01/2024 to 31/12/2024

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€ 65,00 (groups of 1 pax)