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15/03/2023 - 31/10/2024
Via ovada 42, Casal Cermelli 15072


Do you want to become expert gold hunters? With friends or family, experience the fun of gold hunting in contact with nature in the Special Torrente Orba Nature Reserve.
It begins with a visit to the Gold Museum, an exhibition area which encloses antique tools of the trade and finds dating
back to the Roman age, artefacts, objects and documents connected with gold hunting. The first part of the activity includes the illustration of the hunting techniques, with the first
direct practical attempts
and subsequently, equipped with all the necessary equipment - boots, buckets, spades, sluices and gold pans - it is off to the river! Sift, wash and refine the sand until all the impurities are eliminated and you begin to glimpse gold flakes with the naked eye. And, to stop participants forgetting about the experience, each takes home 92% pure gold, collected with their own hands.
A hearty snack of typical products of Monferrato and local products will be served in the afternoon.
Duration 6 hours (including snack break).


Meet at Cascina Merlanetta, seat of the Gold Museum, and located by the Special Torrente Orba Nature Reserve, the only area authorised by the Piedmont Regional Authority to hunt for gold for educational and amateur purposes.

from 15/03/2023 to 31/10/2024

Rates / Supplements

Price per person from:

€ 95,00 (groups of 1 pax)

The price includes:

-Guided tour of the Gold Museum
- Experiential tutorial at the tanks to learn the technique for using the
gold pan
- Hearty late afternoon snack (including wines)
- gold collected during the search

Suitable equipment will be provided for searching the river - sports clothing is recommended