Un cappuccino tra le righe "Gli enigmi del Titanic" Literary event


Un cappuccino tra le righe "Gli enigmi del Titanic" Literary event



Thursday 16 January 2020 at 9 pm in the Civic Library, conference and video-screenings by the scholar Claudio Bossi on the enigmas of the Titanic. Since 1985, following the finding of the wreck, the journalist and writer Claudio Bossi has been brushing up on his old passion for the Titanic and started to visit English, American and Canadian archives. His research culminates in the early 2000s, with the publication of the website that carries his name: He is now considered one of the best-qualified international experts on the history of the famous transatlantic. Claudio Bossi will speak of that distant 15 Aril 1912 when the Titanic, the largest passenger ship ever built by man sinks causing the death of more than 1500 people among passengers and crew members. It will also be possible to hear the legends, mysteries and enigmas connected to the ship that has become a myth that still fascinates, draws attention to itself and continues to turn on the imagination of directors, collectors and novelists. The evening is part of the cycle ‘Un cappuccino tra le righe’, literary event of the Giovanni Canna civic library, curated by Paola Casulli.

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