Morbelli alle Sale d'Arte


Morbelli alle Sale d'Arte



On the centenary of Angelo Morbelli’s death, this exhibition intends to pay tribute to the painter from the territory of Alessandria who received national appreciation and approval as a protagonist of late 19th century and early 20th century painting. Though short, it is a tangible witness of that artistic culture of the late 19th century, begun in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, on the way towards modernity in search of new expressive forms. 'Dying Goethe' and 'Winter Siesta', the two paintings on show are the property of the Art gallery of Alessandria and highlight a common thread which connects them and makes them in some way homogenous, considering the themes handled and often present in the works of the Artist and essentially traceable to Morbellian poetics. The sight of the interiors, dreary and pregnant with latent pessimism, is joined by two decidedly different female figures, but both share a condition of suffering. ‘Dying Goethe’ (exhibited for the first time in 1880 in Brera and then donated by the Artist to the City of Alessandria in 1883, as a sign of recognition for the scholarship offered by the Municipality) is surely an important stage in Morbelli’s artistic career. On one hand, it forms part of that large trend of painting of very common history at the time and, on the other, it is a sure tribute to a personality highly appreciated in that period. The painting reflects the meeting of a form of narration saturated with clear references to his academic studies just completed, with a fluid but intolerant, restless pictorial layout, already contaminated by latent experimentation. As regards 'Winter Siesta', the work (which is part of The Poem of Old Age composed of six canvases and exhibited at the Biennial of Venice in 1903) depicts a room of the Pio Albergo Trivulzio, a retirement home and hospital in Milan, in which several elderly guests are sitting with their back to the viewer. The theme of the forgotten elderly, of the poor, was very important in the Artist’s work, as was that of the lone maidens and prostitutes, essentially of the outcasts. In both paintings, the ever-present protagonist in Morbelli's paintings (though with different interpretations) is the research and exploration of the existing relationships between colour, light and space.


The exhibition is open to the public from 20 December to 3 May: Saturday and Sunday 3pm to 7pm. Full price ticket: €3 Reduced Ticket: €2 - from 12 to 18 years of age and over 65, university students with university ID, groups from a minimum of 12 people. Promoted by the Municipal Administration of Alessandria and CulturAle Costruire Insieme, with the support of Gruppo Amag and – located in the charming environment of the Art Rooms of Via Machiavelli 13 specifically set up - supported by a suitable publication containing the interpretation of the works and biography of the author.

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