Art in the Fort


Art in the Fort



Sunday 8 December 2019, at the Fort of Gavi, at 11 am inauguration of the initiative "Arte in Forte" which will end on 16 February 2020. During this time, the rooms of the Fort will be home to crib exhibits of private collections belonging to Mr. Marco Costa, Gian Paolo Vigo, Livia and Ino Repetto; it will also be possible to visit an exhibition of handicrafts by Mr. Cosimo Fuso. Programme of the event: 11 am inauguration and greeting of the director of the Fort, Dr. Anna Maria Aimone, of the representative of the UNIDuevalli Borbera e Scrivia, Mr. Domenico Rinaldis, of the president of the Association Amici dell'Arte di Serravalle Scrivia, Giovanni Torcia and of a representative of the Unified Institute of Gavi: 11.20 concert by Banda Musicale Arquatese; 11.45 presentation of the book "Il sorriso degli eroi" written by the brothers Massimo and Maurizio Novelli, illustrated by Max Volpa. The cribs and the exhibition of handicrafts will be open to the public during the guided tours of the Fort. This event will be connected to a photographic exhibition for schools of the area, launched by the Association Amici dell'Arte of Serravalle Scrivia, Polo Museale del Piemonte and Direzione del Forte di Gavi. The prizes, of vouchers to purchase educational material, are made available by Libera Università di ogni età UNIDuevalli Borbera e Scrivia. At the end of the competition, the most significant photos taken by the students will be put on display in the Fort of Gavi.

A tale iniziativa, organizzata dall'Associazione Amici dell'Arte di Serravalle Scrivia in collaborazione con il Polo Museale del Piemonte e la Direzione del Forte di Gavi, partecipano l'Istituto Comprensivo di Gavi, la Banda Musicale Arquatese, la Compagnia teatrale "I Mancini del Quarto" e la Libera Università di ogni età, UNIDuevalli Borbera e Scrivia.

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