Pieve di San Giovanni Battista al Piano

San Giovanni has a simple form which retains the original Romanesque characteristics of this church but with a special feature: the unknown builder designed the apse using the whole depth of the walls, giving the building a modest exterior which belies the size of the interior. The facade has a fresco of San Cristoforo dating from 1512 and inside there are a series of figures of the Saints, and on the left of the church are 16 paintings depicting the Story of the Passion of Christ. The vault in the apse has a Christ in an Aureola with symbols of the Tetramorph, whilst inside the triumphal arch are the twelve figures of Prophets and Sybils. All these frescoes date from the same period, this being the first quarter of the 16th century and attributable to the same artist, probably from the Lombardy school.

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