Manuel Minola Violino - Accompagnatore Cicloturistico

Manuel, Cycle tour guide for the Piedmont Region and FCI instructor, will take you on a magnificent journey to discover the local area combining the pleasure of pedalling among nature, art, history and legend and enjoy the local food and wine.

The areas he regularly covers are:

Northern part of Monferrato: From Casale Monferrato to Trino passing through the Po River Park, or pedalling among the magnificent hills, among vineyards and castles, farmhouses and breathtaking scenery which look onto the Po plain, into the beautiful Pastrona Park and the trails of the meandering Kintana. On technical and fun single tracks of Mount Sion in search of adrenalin, or simply from the lowland to the Sanctuary of Crea, rigorously offroad!
Castles and ghosts, legends, art and history, from Romanesque and Gothic churches to the industrial archaeology of what was once the cement capital, Casale Monferrato, from the vines of Barbera and Grignolino to the Infernot, a landscape just waiting to be enjoyed and discovered.

Vercelli: The classic “tour” includes Castles, feuds and legends, the Principality of Lucedio and the Grange (grain stores), Parco delle Sorti e della Partecipanza (park), the Via Francigena, the visits to the farms, the Sesia and Po River Park, along the rice fields, with their changeable colours as the seasons change. The rice fields of Vercelli, known as the chequered sea, are just one of the two-wheel "experiences" you can enjoy in this area.

Biella: quintessential nature, with the Burcina park, among rhododendrons, sequoias, and picturesque scenery from "Bric Burcina", immersed in the nature reserve of the "Felice Piacenza" park, garden of significant botanical interest. The Oropa basin, its Sacred Marian Mountain, connected by the tracciolino path to the Sanctuary of Graglia. Wild nature lovers can discover the Savannah of Biella and push themselves into the canyons of Castelletto Cervo, an area of breathtaking charm! For adrenaline lovers, there are two geological sites par excellence, the Morainic Plain of Ivrea and the Super Volcano that lap the magical "red banks", both with adrenaline-filled single tracks and an immense geological and naturalistic heritage.

Valsesia: Northern and Southern Valsesia, among sites of the Super Volcano and Walser tradition, the beautiful Sacred Mountain of Varallo, defined the greenest valley of Italy, from the simpler tour which crosses woods and villages, following the cycle path which goes along the River Sesia in total relaxation, or from Mera to Alpe Sorbella passing by Lake Pizzo admiring the magnificent Mount Rosa. More complex and adrenaline-packed tours with variants depending on the level of difficulty you will be able to tackle or let yourself be guided among the meandering hills of Gattinara and enjoy magnificent views among the vines of Gattinara, the ruins of ancient towers and castles, legends and trails of Fra Dolcino, Valsesia is all about discovery.

FCI instructor: Road safety courses - with utmost professionalism and reliability to overcome your limits, or simply to give you the most suitable tools and the instructions to improve your cycling technique, essential for cycling safely in any setting and environment.

Information and contacts

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sede a Vercelli
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