Situated opposite the largest roundabout in Novi, it is characterised by a small external Provencal-style outdoor dining deck and by a few small tables inside where diners are affectionately looked after by the friendly owner. Among the most canonical pizzeria drinks, the Pasturana beer stands out in its three variants: light, red and smoky. Here the must-have dish is the chickpea pancake: truly excellent and made by the book, the pan-fried pizzas are also very good, especially the marinara and the Mediterranean with onions, anchovies and capers. The pizzata, which even one diner can order, is also superb: a rare thing indeed! The handmade desserts propose buckwheat and berry jam, white chocolate salami, leavened chocolate and mint cake. The starters of the Piedmontese tradition and the agnolotti with wine, braised meat and butter and sage are also worth tasting.

Information and contacts

via pavese, 11 - 15067 Novi Ligure (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0143) 721.01