Fruit and vegetables from organic and integrated agriculture, but above all melons, smooth and high-end, sliced or unsliced and French Charentais, produced directly from the Casone farm in Isola Sant'Antonio. Here you can also find the strawberries of Luigi Silvani, the melons of Enrico Furiani, Paolo Dallera and Emanuele Dotti, those for the large distribution of Daniele Adriano Amilcare, the vegetables of Pierenzo and Stefano Balduzzi and of the Fresche terre of Scrivia, the peaches of Volpedo. And then preserves, jellies, sauces, jams of Maura Cigalino and Mara Casone de Le Campanelle, or syrups such as that of sour cherries with rum, or onion and orange sauce. The latest arrival is the mini watermelon.

Information and contacts

via Milano, 33 - 1512x Alessandria (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0131) 265.341