In Italy, the Environmental Hiking Guide, (Italian acronym GAE), is a professional figure of the tourism sector that works closely with the natural environment. An Environmental Guide or a Nature Guide is someone who accompanies individuals or groups in natural environments, including snow-covered, ensuring also the necessary technical assistance and carrying out didactic, educational and interpretation activities, providing environmental information and education in sustainability. This is done safely, on foot or by other means of locomotion that is not engine driven (except for the use of the same to reach the places to visit). The professional activity of the Environmental Hiking Guide includes the description, explanation and illustration of the environmental, natural, anthropological and cultural aspects of the territory with scientific-cultural connotations. He/she takes the individuals or groups to visit sites in mountains, hills, lowlands and water environments, also manmade, including parks and protected areas, as well as environments or exhibition structures of a naturalistic, eco-environmental, ethnological and ecological nature. The intent is to illustrate their elements, characteristics, ecological relations, the bond with the history and the cultural and food and wine traditions, the scenic attractions, and to provide elements of sustainability and environmental education. The professional activity of the Environmental Hiking Guide also includes planning, programming and carrying out workshops and didactic, educational, interpretation and environmental information activities, also working alongside teachers in the school environment. Activities and routes requiring the use of equipment and mountaineering techniques, namely rope, ice axe and crampons, are excluded. I ORGANISE EXCURSIONS IN THE AREA OF ALESSANDRIA AND THROUGHOUT PIEDMONT, WORK WITH ECOLOGICAL AND SUSTAINABILITY PROJECTS IN SCHOOLS AND RAISE AWARENESS ON THE THEME OF WASTE COLLECTION

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