Comune Trisobbio

Legend has it that the village was founded by three families of sober men, brothers of seven drunk men, founders of Strevi, hence the name Tres Sobri (Three sober men). In medieval times, Trisobbio was a feudal property of the Marquises del Bosco; from 1240, it passed to the Malaspina and, later, to the Boccaccio family. In 1536, it became part of the dominions of the Gonzaga and then of the Spinola. Occupied by French troops, it finally followed the fate of the Kingdom of Sardinia, until Italian Unification in 1861.
The village of Trisobbio develops on concentric rings around the top of the hill, occupied by the Castle. First news of the manor house dates back to the 12th century, subsequently major work was carried out in the late 15th century changing its original appearance. Today, the home features beautiful rooms and an elegant restaurant. The Parish Church of Trisobbio, dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, is a short distance away; there is no certain news on it except for a date, 1398, in which reconstruction appears to have begun. The building was submitted to various transformations and today it has a Baroque style. A short distance away is Palazzo De Rossi Dogliotti, town hall since 1932. The construction period dates back to the 16th and 17th century, with architectural and decorative enhancements of later eras and typical of the Piedmontese baroque style. In front of the Palazzo, there is a lookout point over the Monferrato hills. At the foot of the village, surrounded by greenery, the municipal swimming pools and areas equipped for children, sports and recreation.
The beauty of the position, which allows a view over the surrounding landscape, the traces of the past and the numerous events such as the Truffle Fair, have awarded Trisobbio an Orange Flag by Touring.

Information and contacts

via de Rossi, 120 - 15070 Trisobbio (AL)
Telephone: +39 (0143) 871.104
Fax: +39 (0143) 871.360