Comune Alzano Scrivia

The Municipality of Alzano Scrivia stretches over an alluvial plain on the right bank of the Scrivia not far from where it meets the River Po. It has a strong agricultural tradition centred on horticulture, in particular the production of potatoes, spinach, celery, cabbage and beans. The first mention of a place called Alzano dates to 973 A.D. when the priest Roprando purchased the curtis of Acjani from the Marquis Lamberto. There were different lords of Alzano, from the Cistercians of Lucedio, in the municipality of Tortona (1127) to the Bishop of Tortona Giseprando; from 1314 to 1447 it was ruled by the Visconti, from 1450 to 1526 by the Sforza, the Spanish from 1526 to 1568, the Marini family from Genoa from 1568; the last lords of Alzano were the Torti. Since the 1980s, during the “Sagra dei Fagioli” (Bean festival), held in July, it has been possible to taste the traditional pasta and beans.

Information and contacts

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