Cattedrale di Sant'Evasio

Built between the end of the 11th century and the first years of the following century, the Cathedral of Sant’Evasio was consecrated in 1107.
The single-spired facade is the result of the major reconstruction work carried out between 1859 and 1861 by the architect Edoardo Arborio Mella.
The interior, with five high-arched naves, has retained the original Romanesque layout. Of particular importance is the main architectural feature, the narthex: built with four stone arches supporting an impressive vaulted ceiling, the narthex is extremely rare and is linked to Islamic and Armenian design principles.
In the church itself, the main lantern lights the large 13th century wooden crucifix from the Rhenish school which is decorated with silver foil. In the choir corridor there are a number of Romanesque and Gothic sculpture, bas-reliefs and fragments of a mosaic pavement dating from the 12th century church.
On the right hand side of the transept is the Chapel of St. Evasio, designed in the 17th century in an eliptical style by Benedetto Alfieri.

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