Cattedrale di San Pietro

The Cathedral was built between 1875 and 1879 by Edoardo Arborio Mella replacing the old church which was pulled down by Napoleon I. The Neoclassic aspect of the exterior is highlighted on the left-hand side of the façade with the 106 metre high spire and bell tower. The interior, in a Latin cross form with three naves, has a series of side chapels and a large corridor in the choir. The frescoes around the church are almost entirely the work of Luigi Morgari. The statue of St Joseph and a sculpture group, The Crucifix with Two Angels and Adoration of St. Pius V and Baudolino, which crowns the main altar are attributed to Parodi.
The octagonal cupola is decorated with the 24 patronal saints of the towns of the Lombardy League whilst
Among the important works of art to be found in the church, the San Pio V chapel has one of the few remaining 14th century paintings in the town: the Virgin with Child, titled Madonna dell'Uscetto. Important works from the Renaissance are The Altarpiece with St. Peter on the Throne by Callisto Piazza dated 1546 and two sculptures in wood from the middle of the 15th century and attributed to Baldino di Surso; the Crucifix in the first chapel on the right and the statue of the Madonna at the foot of the cross supported by St. John, titled Madonna the Saviour is a representation of the patronal saint of the town whose continuing veneration by the local populace started in 1489 after a healing miracle.

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