Castello di San Giorgio Monferrato

There are records of the castle and district of San Giorgio Monferrato that go back to before the year 1000, the castle being built to stop the attacks carried out by the Saracens whose raids were devastating Monferrato. In 1216, Roberto Avogado was invested with the fief, the same person who had the tower built which still exists today. The Marquis of Monferrato, on the other hand, was responsible for the construction of the massive walls that can still be seen on the western side of the castle. Under the rule of the Gonzago dynasty, the castle followed the stormy fate of the duchy, being occupied by soldiers who set fire to it and destroyed virtually everything. The Gozani family, invested with the fief by the last descendants of the Gonzaga, re-modelled the castle and owned it until 1870, having created a beautiful park and Italian garden that can still be seen today along with the baroque staircase on the façade of the courtyard of honour and the chapel inside the castle walls. The grand façade in a neo-Gothic style dates back to 1828 and was designed by the architect Bollati. The whole complex of connected buildings is dominated by the square tower and the protective part of the castle, where remains of brick walls can still be seen.

For information on the guided tours of the Castle of San Giorgio refer to the document attached.

Information and contacts

via Gozani, 16 - 15020 San Giorgio Monferrato (AL)
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