Castello di Piovera

The castle at Piovera is one of the largest structures in the area and its characteristics are typical of the plain of Lombardy, the castle being built of brick and the overall layout representative of the local style. The castle was four-sided with round towers on the corners and two large square towers in the centre of the larger walls. Everything is protected by another rather lower external wall which follows the layout. Of the first wall the eastern part is still extant with the entry gate, this wall appearing to be quite low but it would originally have seemed much higher when the moat existed, which is evidenced by the remains of a drawbridge. On the northern corner there is a tower twice as high as the wall with a battlemented feature and it is probable that identical towers were sited on the other angles of the castle, sadly these being no longer in existence. Going through the main entrance there is a large section of building which is connected by two sections of wall and inside this space is the actual castle, much altered from the mediaeval version with the interior undergoing extensive restoration work in the baroque period which had the aim of turning it into a noble residence.

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