Belvedere - Big Bench di Lu Monferrato

Situated on San Sebastiano hill (heading out of the village towards Mirabello) with an all-round view, from the hills to the lowland to the mountains.
To reach it you can park in the main square of the village and walk 10 minutes (the nearby car park of the cemetery is also available).

The colours of the Big Bench, yellow and blue, echo the colours of beach volley balls, like those used by ASD Beach in Lu which promotes the initiative.

Big Bench 99 in Cuccaro Monferrato can be reached with a walk.

Lu Monferrato could not be without one of Chris Bangle’s Big Benches, which have become an emblematic symbol of Piedmont, inserted into the BIG BENCH COMMUNITY PROJECT (BBCP) designed to support local communities, tourism and the artisan excellence of the towns in which these large-scale installations are located. BBCP is a non-profit initiative promoted by the American designer and his wife Catherine, resident in Clavesana since 2009, to join the creativity of the team of designers of Chris Bangle Associates S.r.l. with the artisan excellence of this area of Piedmont. The Big Benches often come to people’s attention through photos, but once you sit on one and enjoy the view as "if you were a child again" the experience is intense, to be shared with others. The benches have been made to relax in; unlike a chair or an armchair, they are wide enough to fit one or more friends. Sitting on one equates to a pleasant social action and the vision behind the BIG BENCH COMMUNITY PROJECT is to make good use of all the positive energy that the Big Benches emanate. That of Lu Monferrato is closely connected to that of Cuccaro, given that the two villages have recently merged, and both are close to that of San Salvatore, creating a beautiful panoramic route.
For the big bench passport: TENUTA SAN SEBASTIANO Via Cascina San Sebastiano 41 15040 Lu Monferrato (AL) Tel: 338 5062242 RISTORANTE ORAZIO Piazza generale Gherzi, 5 14050 Lu Monferrato (AL) Tel: 340 7662682 BAR SEMPIONE Via G. Mameli 67, 14050 Lu Monferrato (AL) Tel: 0131 741161 CORILU SOC.COOP.AGRICOLA (HAZELNUT COOPERATIVE) Località Fontanino sn, 14050 Lu Monferrato (AL) Tel: 348 2567272 RISTORANTE LA COMMEDIA DELLA PENTOLA Fraz. Borghina 1, 14050 Lu Monferrato (AL) Tel: 339 8833626 RISTORANTE ANTICO MONASTERO SAS Via Colli 39, 14050 Lu e Cuccaro Monferrato (AL) Tel: 338 2053569 AZIENDA AGRICOLA CASALONE Via Marconi 100, 14050 Lu Monferrato (AL) Tel: 339 2409473 EMOZIONI DAL BOSCO Via degli Olmi, 9 15040 Lu Monferrato (AL) Tel: 338 6002571 – 333 7071800

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strada Provinciale 70 - 15040 Lu e Cuccaro Monferrato (AL)
Lu Monferrato