Belvedere - Big Bench di Avolasca

Big Bench number 257 is in Avolasca (AL), on Colle della Rugrina, a few km from Avolasca and close to the National Temple in Memory of those Killed in the World Wars and Saints Peter and Paul Church in Palenzona, about 15 km from Tortona. In Avolasca you can admire the kindergarten inaugurated on 8 August 1926, not an ordinary building, but a work designed by one of the most illustrious Italian architects of the time: Gino Coppedè. The kindergarten, with annexed chapel, is named after Maria and Caterina, respectively wife and daughter-in-law of Alessandro Cerruti who had made Avolasca a "good retreat" for his family and which he donated to the Community; the Parish Church of Saint Nicolas of Bari built in 972, on the vault and along the walls exquisite frescoes and the wooden choir of the 19th century, inside we can find the Harmonium "F.lli Radice" of the first half of the 20th century, restored and renovated by a private individual in late 2019. Twenty or so kilometres away we can visit the lands and native home of Pellizza da Volpedo, where you can admire his paintings and taste the peach and strawberries of Volpedo; 17 km on, we are in the land of Fausto and Serse Coppi, in Castellania Coppi, where it is possible to visit their Native Home and the Museum del Campionissimo. The motivation behind the request for its installation is to make our area known, the view which opens out 360°, looking deep into the horizon we reach Mount Rosa and Monviso, closer we can see the Giarolo and Mount Chiappo, Mount Ebro and Mount San Vito, a land to discover and enhance, to get to know and love with respect for the greenery, the trails and the nature that surrounds us. The chosen colour recall wine, excellence of our land: not just to discover and experience, but to drink and taste, enjoying the typical products of our areas. From Timorasso Derthona to the Ciliegiolo, from Bonarda to Barbera, Salami Nobile del Giarolo to the cherry known as “Bella di Garbagna” to the Peach of Volpedo and by no means least “Montebore”.

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Via Santa Croce, 8
Avolasca (AL)
Tel: 0131 876110
Open Saturday and Sunday 12 pm -3 pm, and Saturday between 7.30 pm and 11 pm. Closed: January.
Via Montebello, 2
Avolasca (AL)
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Open by reservation.
Cascina La Capanna, 2
Montegioco (AL)
Tel: 0131 875299 | 335 7881907
Agriturismo: open Saturday 12 pm - 3 pm, 7 pm - 11 pm and Sunday from 12 pm - 3 pm Store: from Tuesday to Saturday 8 am - 12:30 pm, 3.30 pm - 7.30 pm.