Belvedere - Big Bench di Alice Bel Colle

The hamlet of Fraschetta, in Alice Bel Colle, is home to the pink bench, one of Chris Bangle’s Big Benches, which have become an emblematic symbol of Piedmont, inserted into the BIG BENCH COMMUNITY PROJECT (BBCP) designed to support local communities, tourism and the artisan excellence of the towns in which these large-scale installations are located. BBCP is a non-profit initiative promoted by the American designer and his wife Catherine, resident in Clavesana since 2009, to join the creativity of the team of designers of Chris Bangle Associates S.r.l. with the artisan excellence of this area of Piedmont. The Big Benches often come to people’s attention through photos, but once you sit on one and enjoy the view as "if you were a child again" the experience is intense, to be shared with others. The benches have been made to relax in; unlike a chair or an armchair, they are wide enough to fit one or more friends. Sitting on one equates to a pleasant social action and the vision behind the BIG BENCH COMMUNITY PROJECT is to make good use of all the positive energy that the Big Benches emanate. Big bench passport: HOTEL RISTORANTE BAR BELVEDERE Piazza Guacchione 7-9 15010 Alice Bel Colle (AL) tel. 0144 74300 RISTORANTE BAR TABACCHI VALLERANA Regione Vallerana 87 15010 Alice Bel Colle (AL) tel. 0144 74130 BOTTEGA DEL VINO Piazza Guacchione 4 15010 Alice Bel Colle (AL) tel. 0144 745441 CANTINA ALICE BEL COLLE Regione Stazione n. 9 15010 Alice Bel Colle (AL) tel. 0144 74103 CASA BERTALERO- VECCHIA CANTINA SOCIALE DI ALICE BEL COLLE E SESSAME D’ASTI Regione Stazione n. 11 15010 Alice Bel Colle (AL) tel. 0144 74114/ 0144-745705

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Regione Rossa - 15010 Alice Bel Colle (AL)
Località Fraschetta