Grignolino del Casalese “Grignò” - Monferrato Freisa “Lilàn” - Barbera del Superiore “Convivium” - Barbera del “Evoè” - Piemonte Barbera “La Mossa” - Monferrato Bianco “Garbello” (arneis) - Ambrosia Rossa (malvasia partially fermented must) The Beccaria Farming Company was set up in Ozzano Monferrato in the early 1970s by newlyweds Angelo and Maria Teresa. That journey, undertaken today with expertise and awareness by us, their children, Davide, Silvia and Laura together with the wine expert Umberto Lucarno to reach higher and higher quality standards, began with our parent’s love for their land. In the ten hectares of vineyard managed with passion and enthusiasm by Davide, we grow grignolino, barbera, freisa, nebbiolo, malvasia and arneis. The company was handed from father to son in 2001 with the renovation of the cellar and the planting of a new vineyard of almost four hectares.

Information and contacts

via Giovanni Bianco, 3 - 15039 Ozzano Monferrato (AL)
Cascina Mossa
Telephone: +39 (0142) 487.321
Fax: +39 0142 487321