Banfi - Casa Surì

COLLI TORTONESI FAVORITA "SURI" Favorita, the main grape variety, gives the wine fruity aromas and freshness with a slightly bitter aftertaste, making it an excellent choice with first course dishes or as an aperitif. COLLI TORTONESI CORTESE A classic wine to serve with fish, for connoisseurs of the delicacy expressed by the varietal notes of this Piedmontese vine with a long history. COLLI TORTONESI CROATINA Wine with well-integrated tannins to drink with any food for its versatility and joviality determined also by its lively quality that enhances its freshness and youth. COLLI TORTONESI BARBERA Decisive and lively wine that traditionally complements all courses and all foods from Piedmont and Lombardy. COLLI TORTONESI ROSSO "MACERE" A great wine grape variety Merlot with a low yield and high quality to produce an important structured intensely aromatic wine. To drink with important foods or for social evenings in the company of friends.

Information and contacts

Località Ercolina, 3 - 15052 Casalnoceto (AL)
Telephone: +39 0131 809.476
Telephone 2: +39 339 812.8025