Imagine an inn in the countryside, in the uncontaminated Ghenza Valley, which goes beyond the borders of the picturesque villages of Monferrato and those of the Infernots that have become world heritage sites. For four years now, this dream has come true. Park at the side, under the trees, and enter this area dedicated to the most beautiful film to have been inspired by taste. French is not only the protagonist of that lunch; there is also the selection of Champagne of small vignerons, imported directly, for passion and culture. They are offered, alongside a selection of Monferrato wines almost to create an age-old liaison between the two territories. The environment is lovely: a total white in Provencal style that characterises three small and one larger dining room.

You are in the countryside of Monferrato with the flavour of France. The starters (average price €10): veal tartare with egg yolk, Tonchese cockerel tuna with seasonal salad and savoury zabaglione. The first courses (average price €11) include the handmade agnolotti pasta; tajarin in several versions; risotto, which also comes with Grappa of Barbera from the Distillery of Rosignano with sheep milk toma cheese from the Langhe. The main courses (average price €14), include another typical dish of Monferrato which is always very good: rabbit cooked in Barbera with olives and pine kernels, but also veal steak with old-fashioned mustard, piglet fillet with leeks, boned rabbit with local black truffle and the fantastic braised cheek. Grilled octopus adds a touch of fish to the menu.

The prices are very affordable, so you can also treat yourself to a delicious dessert (average price €5): they all use seasonal ingredients like the rest of the meal. A particularly relaxing place, which stimulates curiosity.

Information and contacts

regione valle ghenza - via isola, 2 - 15030 Rosignano Monferrato (AL)
Telephone: +39 0142 488.885
E-mail: info@acasadibabette.it