Gold: from the Golden Age of Genoa to the search for Klondike-style nuggets

01/03/2021 - 31/12/2021


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ViA(E) is a way of understanding the discovery of a vast territory, which cannot be enclosed within precise territorial borders. The ancient roman roads become a cue to talk about facts, people and curiosities of those places connected by ancient roads: roads that unite and intertwine in synergies, officially tracked routes and routes travelled by habit, convenience or even because less visible, but, in any case, movements of people, goods and words spoken, often, in different languages.

A “sweet” and “slow” way to tell about places but also tangible tourist packages to experience them in person, through the experiences we can offer thanks to the professionalism of our operators.

DAY 1 

•               Arrive in Genoa to start your adventure. You will discover “the Golden Age” of 16th century Genoa when Andrea Doria established relations with Spain.  

Charles V of Spain, at the peak of his power, controlled a vast empire but needed “ships and capital”: the most important Genoese families of the time put themselves at the service of the Spanish empire.

A Genoa characterised by shipowners, bankers and merchants.

This was a time of revival for the capital of Liguria and the Spanish gold served to make the beating heart of the historical centre unique with the construction of palaces, villas and churches that were so impressive (Rolli Palaces, for example) to host sovereigns, diplomats and great figures of the church.

•               Check in to B&B.

•               Dinner at leisure.

•              Overnight accommodation.

DAY 2 

•               Breakfast in B&B.

•               Entry to Museum of Mare Galata, the largest maritime museum of the Mediterranean: here the history of Genoa and of the Mediterranean meet in a unique and emotional route that reveals the secrets of the key figures connected with the chief town of Liguria. An extraordinary adventure to discover six centuries of life by the sea. 

•               Entry to the Prince’s Palace. A few steps from the Galata Museum, the Prince’s Palace is the historical dwelling of the admiral Andrea Doria, true protagonist of the Golden Age. The Palace is one of the most sumptuous of Genoa. Inside, you will find the portico adorned with stuccoes, the Loggia of the Heroes and the Hall of the Giants.   

•              The Italian style gardens with two 16th century fountains are also magnificent.

•               Lunch at leisure.

•               Self-guided tour of the historical centre of Genoa, with special attention to via Garibaldi, which is home to the principal palaces of the Rolli family.

•               Dinner at leisure

•               Overnight accommodation in hotel.


•               Breakfast and check out.

•               Departure from Genoa and stop in the area of Ovada for an unforgettable experience: gold prospecting with sieve as in the best old wild west tradition.

Start with a visit to the Gold Museum, an exhibition area that encloses ancient tools of the trade, such as finds dating from the Roman Age, artefacts, objects and documents connected with gold prospecting.

The first part of the activity illustrates the prospecting techniques, with the first direct practical tests and later, equipped with all you need – boots, buckets, spades, sluices and gold pans – you head to the river!

Sieving, washing and refining the sand to eliminate all the impurities you begin to see the golden flakes with the naked eye. You take home the 92% pure gold collected with your own hands, just so you don’t forget.

At the end, guests will relax with an afternoon snack of the Monferrato tradition accompanied by local wine.

•              Departure for Lu Monferrato to stay in a location that was once the home of one of the most influential families of Monferrato: in the 14th century the Palaeologi Marquises, who owned a large part of the current Piedmont, chose the current location of the Palazzo, today converted into a Relais, to build their Historical Home. You can still enjoy that privileged choice by staying in a context rich in history and charm.

•               Dinner at leisure and overnight accommodation.

DAY 4 

•               Breakfast in the hotel and departure to discover the famous Big Benches of Piedmont: for a day rich in history and colours. 

The Big Benches are often seen in photographs, but once you are sitting on one you feel as if you are enjoying the world from a different perspective, as if you were a child again. Breathtaking views accompany towards the BIG BENCHES found between the vineyards of Ruchè and Barbera d’Asti.

•               This fantastic experience will end with the arrival at a small winery in Grana that has been managed by the same family for several generations, over a hundred years. Visit of the winery and tasting of the wines produced, accompanied by local cured meats and cheese.

•              The day continues to discover some of the testimonies of the Palaeologi domination in Monferrato.

•              The first stop is to admire the Paleologa Tower of San Salvatore Monferrato, built in 1413 by the Marquis Teodoro Paleologo of Monferrato, as part of the defence and sighting system of the Marquisate of Monferrato. It is 24 metres high and from the hill of the tower you can enjoy a magnificent panorama over the entire Alpine Arch and over most of the territory.

 •              The afternoon continues with a self-guided tour of Casale Monferrato appointed capital of the Marquisate of Monferrato by Gian Giacomo Paleologo in 1434.

The Castle of Casale is home to the Regional Wine shop of Monferrato and the tourist information office as well as several temporary exhibitions.

 •               Dinner at leisure

 •               Overnight accommodation.

DAY 5 

•              Breakfast in hotel and check out

•              For those who are already missing the Big Benches, before departing, it is possible to reach the Big Benches of Lu and Cuccaro located just a stone’s throw from the hotel. If the period is from May to July, from the lilac Big Bench of Cuccaro you can immerse yourself in the fragrances and colours of the lavender to regenerate body and spirit before returning home.





408.00 €
Price "from", per person, minimum 2 pax. PRICES AND AVAILABILITY WILL BE VERIFIED AND CONFIRMED AT THE MOMENT OF THE REQUEST The price includes: - 2 nights in B&B in Genoa - entrance to Museum of Mare Galata - entrance to Palazzo del Principe - 2 nights in twin room in Relais with breakfast - Gold search - Afternoon snack - 1 visit with tasting in a winery in Grana - Medical expenses and baggage insurance The price does not include: - Transfer, any tourist tax, extras and everything not mentioned under "the price includes"

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