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01/04/2024 - 31/10/2024


A journey among the Appennine Curone and Borbera Valleys, a territory rich in history and artisan and food and wine traditions. Ideal destination for lovers of nature and good food, to discover slowly immersing oneself in the local communities. In the lands were cycling is history, we propose bicycle itineraries which cater to interests and suitable to all, enthusiasts of cycling on road or gravel and families: only common denominator are the emotions which places and people will transmit to you.


Day 1

Arrive in Tortona by train + bike or by car (possibility to rent e-bike): the ancient Roman Derthona crossroads of the oldest road networks and consequently custodian of many treasures. Walk in the historic centre of Tortona along via Emilia and stop off at the Pinacoteca Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio to visit "Il Divisionismo" permanent exhibition dedicated to this artistic period with works by Giuseppe Pellizza, Morbelli, Segantini, Severini, 125 works and 40 artists.
To follow, we recommend the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Civic Theatre, the Church of Santa Maria dei Canali the oldest of the town, Palazzo Guidobono and the Basilica of Madonna della Guardia built at the behest of San Luigi Orione, the adjacent tower hosts a gold-plated bronze statue of the Madonna with child at a height of 14 metres.
During the tour, not-to-be-missed stop in one of the historic pastry shops to enjoy the baci dorati, a speciality since 1898.
Scenic route among the hills transiting from Vho, small hamlet of Tortona, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy and panoramic terrace overlooking the vineyard-planted hills.
Arrive in Sarezzano dinner/tasting and overnight accommodation in wine estate which merges technology and sustainability, and one of the key producers of Derthona Timorasso Doc.

Day 2

From Sarezzano, a short distance away is Volpedo, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, and birthplace of Giuseppe Pellizza who painted his works here transferring to them his love for his village and the rural atmospheres of the late 19th century. Visit the artist's studio, a 19th century atelier which is home to his work tools and everyday objects. To follow, Piazza del Quarto Stato, where placing yourself in the same position in which the painter painted, you can imagine the scene of the Quarto Stato and the Educational Museum where modern multimedia installations enable visitors to deepen their knowledge of his masterpieces.
Set off towards the Curone Valley with stop along the way in Brignano Frascata to become acquainted with ‘salame nobile di Brignano’, a local gastronomic excellence. Lunch at leisure in San Sebastiano Curone: the village was once the centre of trade between Genoa and the State of Milan, and its vocation is evident in its urban shape of narrow cobbled streets and tall multi-storey, some with artistic portals of sculpted stone. The Pittor Giani Archive is a must-see site, which recalls the work of the Neoclassical painter Felice Giani born here in 1758. He was considered one of the key figures of the cultural panorama of his time and refined precursor of the modern concept of interior design so much that he received commissions on behalf of Napoleone Bonaparte and the greatest exponents of the nobility of the time.
In autumn, San Sebastiano welcomes one of the most important truffle fairs of the province with tasting stands and menus dedicated to the king of the table.
The route continues towards another spectacular Apennine Valley, the Borbera Valley. Towards Dernice, a village located along the ancient salt road the most important commercial artery between Genoa and the Po Valley. Through scenic landscapes you reach the spectacular Strette di Pertuso a river gorge of extraordinary natural value of the River Borbera, a canyon between steep walls and emerald waters. Stop for refreshments at the Equipped Area of Boscopiano to enjoy the "borberino" aperitif with local gastronomic excellence. The itinerary continues to Borghetto Borbera with dinner in restaurant which serves traditional dishes of the Borbera Valley with a modern twist and overnight accommodation.

Day 3

Short transfer to Arquata Scrivia and rail journey to Tortona for the experience days in Val Curone /Grue/Ossona or choice of other experience days in Val Borbera.

At the end of the day, return journey by train from Tortona to Arquata Scrivia/Serravalle Scrivia.

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