Waiting for Vignale in Danza 2023: "Radici"


Waiting for Vignale in Danza 2023: "Radici"



Show High School of Dance Saluzzo-Plana Alessandria in association with Stabilimento delle arti

Choreographies: Michela Tartaglia

Conceived by Stabilimento delle Arti

Texts: Valeria Nicolucci

Venue: Fubine

Show start: 6 pm

For more information and purchase of tickets please refer to the link below.

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International dance festival which kicks off again, dedicating itself to young professional dance, excellent training, and residencies; this choice inserts itself perfectly into the picture of the territory of Vignale Monferrato, which has made Dance training one of its strong points over the years, receiving both national and international recognition.

Organised by:
Town of Vignale Monferrato
Cultural Association Stabilimento delle Arti

Artistic direction: Prof. Michela Maggiolo

Information and contacts
Fubine Monferrato


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