"Una chiesa, un racconto" - Guided tours


"Una chiesa, un racconto" - Guided tours

from 25 March 2023 to 26 March 2023

The volunteers are looking forward to welcoming you to tell you a story about each of the four churches (the three parish churches of the Mother Theresa Pastoral Community - Novi Ligure and the Pieve di Novi Ligure) which, in addition to the Collegiate Church, are the Ancient Churches of Novi Ligure we handle.
It is a gift they want to offer to get to know something more about the roots of the community, between history, art and faith.
Their idea:

We will start on 12 March from St. Andrew’s, the "Church of Porta Genoa": after 10 o’clock mass (around 10:45) we will start to tell the history and beauty preserved in this holy building, starting from St. Hyacinth’s altar to the main altar, in marble, which came from Genoa.
On 19 March, we will be in St. Peter’s, the more "Vatican" of the churches of Novi: after 10:30 Mass (indicatively 11:15) we will tell the connection between this building and St. Joseph, precisely on his feast day (19 March).
Saturday 25 March, Feast of the Annunciation, in the Pieve of Novi Ligure, at 11:30, just before the prayer of the Angelus, with Don Fabrizio Pessina we will look for the meaningful symbols that refer to maternity (that of the Virgin Mary, and more) in the fresco dated 1474.
On 26 March, in St. Nicholas’, after 11 o’clock mass, we will tell how this church took over a full square between the 17th and 18th century, and how this ambitious and innovative architectural project risked remaining unfinished.

Open to all and free admission

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