Spettacolo "Pojana e i suoi fratelli"


Spettacolo "Pojana e i suoi fratelli"

04 September 2022

Theatrical show "Pojana e i suoi fratelli" music by Giorgio Gobbo and Gianluca Segato
Boxer theatre
Forecourt of the Annunziata - 9.30 pm

Pojana’s older brothers: Edo the security man, Tonon the ratcatcher, Alvise the black and others, were born the day after 1st April 2014. On that day, Italy discovered that a second Tanko, an armoured earthmoving machine with a “canon” in the turret was being built in a shed of Casale di Scodosia (a municipality in the province of Venice, well-known for furniture manufacturers and allegorical floats).

My business partner, the musician Giorgio Gobbo, and I, immediately felt the need to tell the national the stories of the northeast which no one was aware about outside the confines of the new-born Padania. “The world has to know - we thought - why hardworking Venetians build "techniques" worthy of "Isis" in their sheds. It needs to be said that these stories were already told by extraordinary journalists like Rumiz and Stella, or sociologists like Diamanti, but they were still scarce in the theatre. There was a hole, we thought.

It is significant and terrible that the Venetians have become the baddies: evaders, racists and obtuse. Suddenly. From good provincials, great workers, a bit of a brat, who migrated to Rome out of misery to work as waiters or police (clichés of many black and white films), suddenly, they became avid greedy bosses, with the ignorance to be the common denominator to stereotypes. An enigma, which for us is resolved in a story: we have moved from the more or less Goldonian masks to the mirror of a whole society. Practically a promotion.

When Franesco Imperato asked me to work on the project "This is Racism", reciting the text by Marco Giacosa for the video "Ciao Teroni" (there was a longer and more articulate title, but virality reduced it to this), Franco Ford known as "Pojana" had already been born. He was the rich boss of an adaptation of mine called "Allegre comari di Windsor" set in Veneto, with all his fixations: weapons, chips and taxes, the blacks, the black. Subsequently, the band of Propaganda Live wanted him on stage and he revealed himself fully for what he is: a small demon not without wisdom but not particularly high up in the infernal hierarchy, who uses the truth for his purposes and finds funny things that are not, and who is inside each one of us.

And so, here he is, with all his brothers, to tell stories with a bit of truth and a bit of falsehood mixed in, to look at himself in the mirror.

I sector € 20
II sector € 15

Civic Theatre
Via Ammiraglio Mirabello, 3 – Tortona (AL)
Tuesday to Friday from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm
and every evening of the performance one hour before the start
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For info:
tel. 0131/864488

In case of bad weather, the show will be transferred to the Civic Theatre

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