Play with art - On Saturdays, look and create at the Museum


Play with art - On Saturdays, look and create at the Museum

18 April 2020


4 pm Activities geared to children from age 6 which include a short themed in-depth information session and a creative workshop. These paths are offered to draw young people close to the museum collections in an active and engaging manner. To complete the visit, there will be the opportunity to try a hand at workshop activities, in which to experiment and re-elaborate techniques and contents: in this way, the museum experience becomes very meaningful. The topics handled each time will be 18 January: Playing with clay. The art of ceramics 22 February: Carlo Vidua in China. Paper and fabric in Oriental culture 28 March. Let's draw art. In the shape of a museum 18 April: Carlo Vidua in the shadow of the pyramids. Sacred animals in Ancient Egypt, Entrance, in-depth session and educational workshop: €3.50/child. Booking is compuslory. Info and bookings: tel. 0142.444249 - 444309 E-mail.

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